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Transform Your Home’s Water Supply
Water Quality Services

Here at Bob Larson Plumbing, we understand homeowners’ common problems with their water quality. Hard water buildup, foul odors, or visible solids can be frustrating and harmful to your family’s health. That’s where our water purification experts come in. Our certified plumbers specialize in installing the best water filtration systems that transform your dubious tap water into pure, drinkable water.

Installation is just the first leap towards experiencing better water quality. We strive to be there for you in the long run, providing you with Tacoma’s best water treatment solutions. We maintain your newly installed water filter systems so that they work efficiently and your fresh water supply never hiccups.

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Schedule Service to Transform Your Home's Water Quality

Don’t let impurities define your water’s quality. Take the first step towards a healthier, cleaner, and more refreshing water experience in your home. Our water filtration systems offer a seamless solution to common water problems, guaranteeing every drop from your tap is pure and safe. Contact us now to schedule a consultation!

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Three Decades of Expertise in Water Testing and Filtration

Crystal Clear Water With Our Filtration Systems in Tacoma, WA

Bob Larson Plumbing embodies experience gained over three decades in the plumbing industry. Our expertise in water testing is unbeatable in Tacoma, WA. We identify contaminants that might be lurking in your water supply and recommend the right water filtration system for your home. Trust us to provide the best Tacoma water filtration systems that suit your needs.

We’re more than a water treatment company; we’re a solution provider that cares about your water needs. Our wealth of experience enables us to advise you on the best water filter systems, like water conditioners and water softeners, that will serve you diligently for years to come.

The Best Water Filtration Systems

Thanks to our advanced water filtration systems, experience the purity of crystal-clear water every time you turn on the tap. These systems are intricately designed to remove contaminants such as sediment, chlorine, lead, and harmful bacteria from your water supply. Our team of certified plumbers will install it efficiently, allowing your home to benefit from the consistent flow of clean, soft, and tasty water. Our filtration systems will improve your water’s taste and smell and provide a safer and healthier hydration option for your family. Don’t compromise on water quality—opt for our perfected water filtration solutions today.

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Delivering Perfect Water Quality Right at Your Tap

Experience the Health Benefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System

Improve the quality of the water you use for cooking, cleaning, and bathing with a whole-house water filtration system. With our system installed, you won’t just be safeguarding your health but enhancing the overall longevity of your appliances due to less hard water damage.

Your skin and hair will also thank you for the softer, treated water from our filters. You can bid good riddance to the harsh effects of hard water and welcome a home filled with pure, soft water flowing right from all your taps!

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Achieve Purity with our Advanced Water Filtration Systems

Optimize Your Plumbing System With Our Maintenance Plans

We’ve got more to offer than just instant solutions. Our plumbing maintenance plans allow your water treatment in Tacoma, WA, to keep running without a hitch. Plus, you can look forward to these fantastic benefits:

  • Priority Service: Jump to the front of the line when you need us most
  • Annual Home Inspection: Keep your system running smoothly with yearly check-ups
  • Emergency Shut-Off Tags: For swift action during those unexpected moments
  • Drain & Flush Water Heater: Essential maintenance to increase efficiency and longevity
  • Drain Treatment: A proactive approach to maintaining free-flowing drains
  • Extended Warranties: Added peace of mind with coverage of major services
  • Special Pricing: Exclusive discounts for our maintenance plan members
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