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Your Go-To Solution for Urgent Plumbing Needs
Solutions for Plumbing Emergencies

When the unexpected strikes your plumbing system, leaving you with a gushing pipe or an overflowing toilet, knowing who to call can be the difference between a quick fix and a prolonged nightmare. Bob Larson Plumbing in Tacoma, WA, specializes in emergency plumbing services designed to resolve your plumbing emergencies swiftly and effectively. Our team of certified plumbers brings expertise and immediate action to tackle the most challenging plumbing issues, ensuring that your property is protected from potentially catastrophic damage.

Emergency plumbing problems don’t wait for a convenient time, which is why our fleet is ready 24/7 to respond to your call. Whether it’s a broken water heater in the morning or a burst pipe during a holiday dinner, our emergency plumber in Tacoma, WA, is just a phone call away. We prioritize your emergency by delivering an efficient, accurate, and comprehensive plumbing fix, minimizing downtime, and restoring peace and normalcy to your home or business.

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A burst pipe or clogged drain can quickly flood your home or business, disrupting your daily routine. Contact our emergency plumbers for quick and efficient plumbing repairs!

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Over Three Decades of Trusted Plumbing Service

Tacoma’s Best Emergency Plumbers

With over 30 years of experience under our belts, Bob Larson Plumbing has become a trusted name in Tacoma, WA, for all plumbing emergencies. Our longevity in the business is a testament to our expertise and the trust and reliability we’ve built within our community. Our team has seen and fixed everything from minor leaks to major overhauls. A legacy of prompt responses, durable repairs, and unparalleled customer satisfaction backs our emergency plumbing services.

Our approach combines traditional methods proven to work and innovative solutions tailored for the modern age. This blend ensures that whether your property is a charming vintage home or a sleek new commercial space, our plumbers have the skills and tools necessary to address your emergency plumbing needs efficiently and effectively. With Bob Larson Plumbing, you’re not just hiring a plumber; you’re enlisting a team committed to maintaining the safety and functionality of your plumbing system.

Hydro Jetting & Drain Cleaning

Hydro jetting and drain cleaning services provide a powerful solution for removing stubborn blockages and restoring free flow to your plumbing system. Using high-pressure water streams, hydrojetting can efficiently cut through the toughest obstructions, including tree roots, grease buildup, and other debris clogging your pipes.

Frozen Pipes & Pipe Repair

Frozen pipes pose a significant risk to your property, as they can burst and lead to extensive water damage. Our services include the thawing of frozen pipes and the repair or replacement of any damaged piping. With a focus on minimizing disruption and preventing future occurrences, we employ the latest technologies and insulation practices to safeguard your pipes against freezing temperatures.

Sewer Line Services

Our comprehensive sewer line services address various issues, from blockages and leaks to tree root invasion and aging pipes that need replacement. Employing state-of-the-art equipment, including camera inspections, we accurately diagnose your sewer problems and recommend the most effective solutions. We’re committed to restoring the health and efficiency of your sewer system with minimal disruption to your property and daily life.

Quick and Reliable Fixes for Disasters

Emergency Plumbing Problems Property Owners Face

A plumbing emergency can manifest in numerous forms, each capable of causing significant inconvenience and damage. At Bob Larson Plumbing, we’re equipped to tackle a range of emergency plumbing issues, including but not limited to, severe clogs, burst pipes, sewer backflows, malfunctioning water heaters, and leaks. Our team’s readiness and versatility mean we’re your one-stop solution for emergency plumbing fixes in Tacoma, WA. No matter the problem, you can rest assured that our emergency plumbers have the knowledge and experience to handle it swiftly.

Recognizing the signs of a plumbing emergency early can prevent more significant issues. Whether it’s the sound of water where it shouldn’t be, a noticeable drop in water pressure, or an unexplained spike in your water bill, our plumbers can diagnose and resolve the issue before it escalates. With Bob Larson Plumbing, your plumbing emergency becomes our top priority, guaranteeing a fast and effective resolution.

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Emergency Plumbing FAQs

A plumbing emergency is any issue within your plumbing system that, if not immediately resolved, could cause significant damage to your property or pose a health risk. Common examples include burst pipes, severe leaks, clogged drains that lead to water backup, and a malfunctioning water heater. At Bob Larson Plumbing, we understand the urgency of these situations. Our emergency plumbing services are specifically designed to address these critical problems promptly.

Winterizing your pipes is critical in preventing them from freezing and potentially bursting during cold weather. This process includes insulating pipes in unheated areas, sealing leaks around doors and windows to keep warm air in, letting faucets drip slightly to relieve pressure, and shutting off and draining outdoor faucets. Bob Larson Plumbing offers comprehensive services to help winterize your plumbing system, protecting your property from the costly damages frozen pipes can cause. Our experts can assess your home’s plumbing and provide tailored solutions to ensure your pipes remain thawed and functional, even during the coldest months.

Avoiding clogged pipes requires regular maintenance and cautious use of your plumbing system. Avoid flushing non-biodegradable materials down toilets, abstain from pouring grease or oil down your kitchen drain, and consider installing hair catchers in showers and bathtubs. Regular drain cleaning can also prevent build-ups that lead to clogs. Bob Larson Plumbing recommends professional drain cleaning and hydro jetting services as effective solutions to keep your pipes free-flowing. Our skilled plumbers can provide preventative maintenance and advise on best practices to guarantee your plumbing remains clog-free.

Quickly Solving Common Plumbing Emergencies

Unrivaled Plumbing Maintenance Plans

Keeping your plumbing system in the best condition goes a long way in preventing unexpected disasters. Bob Larson Plumbing offers a comprehensive plumbing maintenance plan to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently year-round. Subscribing to our maintenance plans affords you several advantages, including:

  • Priority service
  • Annual home inspection
  • Emergency shut-off tags
  • Drain & flush water heater
  • Drain treatment
  • Extended warranties
  • Special pricing

These proactive measures enhance the longevity of your plumbing fixtures and provide peace of mind, knowing that potential issues can be identified and resolved before turning into emergencies.

Maintenance Plans

Contact Our Emergency Plumbers for Help

Contact Bob Larson Plumbing today to learn more about our emergency plumbing services and maintenance plans. Let us help you maintain a safe, efficient, and worry-free plumbing system. Trust in our three decades of expertise for all your plumbing needs in Tacoma, WA.

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