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Drain Cleaning That Gets Things Flowing Again

Drain-related issues can be a severe inconvenience. From the persistent odor to slow or non-functioning drains, property owners frequently face issues that disrupt their daily routines and make consistent functionality an uphill battle. At Bob Larson Plumbing, we understand the ordeal, and our efficient drain cleaning services in Tacoma, WA, are tailored to meet your needs expeditiously.

Our team of certified professionals brings expertise in using the best drain cleaner methods and tools, including the effective snake drain cleaner, to ensure your sewer and household drains are unclogged and working smoothly. Choosing Bob Larson Plumbing gives you the best shower, kitchen, and bathtub drain cleaners in Tacoma, WA.

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Three Decades of Unblocking Tacoma's Drains

Premium Drain Cleaning Services in Tacoma, WA

For 30 years, Bob Larson Plumbing has been the go-to drain cleaning company for numerous homes and businesses in Tacoma. Our enduring philosophy is that no drain is too difficult to clean, no matter how severe the clog is. Our seasoned experts deliver reliable sewer drain cleaning and leave no stone unturned in ensuring optimal drain functionality.

Our extensive experience has given us insight into determining the most suitable approach for every situation. Armed with top-of-the-shelf drain cleaning tools, including the hydro jet drain cleaner, we strive to provide the best relief to your drain issues and ensure proper hygiene and smooth operation on your property.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Over time, your property’s sewer lines can become obstructed with various types of debris, including tree roots, grease buildup, and other waste, leading to reduced efficiency or even significant blockages. Our skilled professionals specialize in sewer drain cleaning, employing advanced techniques and technology such as hydro-jetting to clear your sewer lines effectively.

Shower and Bathtub Drain Cleaner

Shower and bathtub drains are particularly prone to clogs due to the accumulation of hair, soap scum, and other debris. Such blockages can cause water to drain slowly, creating pools and breeding grounds for bacteria. Our shower and bathtub drain cleaning services are designed to address these issues head-on.

Toilet Drain Cleaner

A clogged toilet is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a disruption to your daily life that demands an immediate and effective solution. Our toilet drain cleaning services thoroughly clear stubborn blockages caused by excessive paper products, non-flushable items, and various other obstructions. We use advanced techniques such as augering and environmentally safe cleaning agents to restore your toilet’s drainage to optimum functionality.

Unmasking the Common Enemies of Your Drain

The Most Common Causes of Drain Clogs

Drains can clog for several reasons. From innocuous-looking hair and soap scum to heavier obstructions like oil, grease, and leftover food, a lot can cause significant blockage in your drainage system if not properly managed, necessitating the need for a professional drain cleaning service.

Understanding what causes these clogs can help prevent major drain issues. This is where our drain cleaning in Tacoma, WA, comes in. We ensure swift and effective cleaning and equip you with the knowledge to prevent future clogs.

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Drain Cleaning FAQs

Regular drain cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your plumbing system’s health and avoiding unexpected emergencies. Ideally, homeowners should have their drains professionally cleaned once every year to ensure they remain free from blockages and buildup. However, the frequency can vary depending on the usage and what gets disposed of down the drains. Properties with high usage or those disposing of grease, oil, and non-soluble items more frequently may need regular cleanings.

While it might seem like an easy fix, using chemical drain cleaners can cause more harm than good to your pipes. These chemicals are designed to dissolve clogs, but over time, they can also deteriorate your plumbing by corroding the pipe material. This corrosion can lead to leaks, breaks, and costly repairs. Additionally, the toxicity of these chemicals poses a risk to your health and the environment.

At Bob Larson Plumbing, we advocate for safer, more effective methods for clearing clogs. Our professional plumbers in Tacoma, WA, use non-invasive techniques to protect your pipes while efficiently clearing any blockages, avoiding the potential damage caused by chemical cleaners.

Rodding involves using a piece of plumbing equipment called a drain or sewer rod to clear clogs. Several flexible rods are screwed from end to end and guided into a pipe or drain, sometimes accessed through a man-hole. The rods are used to unblock whatever is obstructing the flow of water. They are highly effective in clearing out the otherwise stubborn blockage.

Achieve Uninterrupted Drain Functionality Now!

Enjoy Continuous Drain Health with Our Maintenance Plans

We at Bob Larson Plumbing offer comprehensive plumbing maintenance plans with the following advantages:

  • Priority Service
  • Annual Home Inspection
  • Emergency Shut-Off Tags
  • Drain & Flush Water Heater
  • Drain Treatment
  • Extended Warranties
  • Special Pricing

By committing to regular drain maintenance, you safeguard your property, ensuring your drains stay clear and functional for longer while enjoying top-notch service from Tacoma, WA’s best drain cleaning companies.

Maintenance Plans

Call Us Today For Powerful Drain Cleaning Services

Don’t battle clogs and sewage cleanup in Tacoma, WA, alone. Let Bob Larson Plumbing be your trusted drain-cleaning partner. With us, you get the guarantee of first-rate service, the expertise of certified professionals, and the assurance of swift, effective solutions. Contact us today for a flawless drain cleaning service in Tacoma, WA, and say goodbye to all your drain-related woes.

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