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Drain Cleaning Services in Tacoma, Washington

We Offer All Kinds of Drain Clearing and Drain Cleaning Services

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Our sewer line cleaning service uses advanced technology to efficiently remove any blockages and build-up, restoring optimal flow to your plumbing system. We provide a reliable, professional service to prevent potential sewer backups and protect the health and safety of your property.

Vent Pipes

We use high-quality equipment to safely and effectively remove blockages or buildup from vent pipes, ensuring optimal air circulation. Our expertise ensures your plumbing system operates without issues, reducing the risk of unwanted odors or potential pressure buildup.

Kitchen & Bathroom

We clear blockages and build-up in kitchen and bathroom drains, including sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and appliance water lines. We prevent potential damage to your plumbing caused by clogged pipes, toxic slides, and stubborn buildup. We get the water flowing again through your system.

Specialized Plumbing Services That Deliver Results!

Hydro Jetting​

Hydro jetting uses specialized tools to push highly pressurized water through your plumbing system. This water can break apart and remove problematic buildup inside your pipes—including grease, mineral and limescale buildup, random debris, and even large items like tree roots. It is a fast and powerful solution for clearing out the toughest buildup in pipes.​

Plumbing Video Inspection​

Video pipe inspection is an efficient way to find leaks, cracks, and blockages. Rather than digging up the entire length of a pipe to find and fix the problem, we use fiber optic video to inspect inside the tube or sewer line. We use video pipe inspection to identify deep issues in your drains and your septic tank or sewer line.

Sewer Rodding

Rodding using a piece of plumbing equipment called a drain or sewer rod. Several flexible rods are screwed from end to end and guided into a pipe or drain, sometimes accessed through a man-hole. The rods are used to unblock whatever is obstructing the flow of water. They are highly effective in clearing out the otherwise stubborn blockage.

We Clear The Toughest Clogs From Your Drains & Pipes​

The sinks and tubs in your Tacoma area home are used daily, so issues occasionally arise. Sometimes the plunger under your sink won’t do the job of clearing a clog. When you have tough clogs, call in the professionals at Bob Larson Plumbing. We have the tools and experience to provide expert drain cleaning so the water will flow freely in no time.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs

  • Hair
  • Eggshells
  • Grease
  • Fats and oils
  • Stickers
  • Paper towels
  • Flushable wipes
  • Candle wax
  • Large foreign objects
  • Pasta

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning Services in Tacoma

While it varies depending on usage and the condition of your pipes, it’s generally recommended to have your drains professionally cleaned every 18-24 months to prevent serious blockages or backups.

Yes, professional drain cleaning is safe for your pipes. The professionals use techniques and equipment designed to clean pipes without causing damage.

While minor clogs can often be cleared with household tools or chemicals, it’s usually best to hire a professional for stubborn or recurring issues to prevent damage to your plumbing system.

Signs you may need professional drain cleaning include slow-draining sinks or bathtubs, recurring clogs, unpleasant odors from your drains, or multiple drains clogging at once.

The duration of a professional drain cleaning service can vary based on the extent and location of the blockage, but typically, most jobs can be completed in 1-3 hours.

To maintain your drains between cleanings, avoid pouring grease or oil down your sink, regularly use a sink strainer to catch food and other debris, and flush your drains with hot water periodically.

Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning method that uses a high-pressure water jet to remove obstructions and clean the inside of your pipes. Not all Tacoma drain cleaning services offer it, so you should ask your prospective company if they provide this option.

To maintain your drains between cleanings, avoid pouring grease or oil down your sink, regularly use a sink strainer to catch food and other debris, and flush your drains with hot water periodically.

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