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Expert Solutions for Your Kitchen Plumbing Needs
We Fix Garbage Disposal Issues

Every property owner knows how essential a functioning garbage disposal is to keep their kitchen clean and efficient. However, when your garbage disposal is not working, encountering issues like clogs, leaks, or unpleasant odors can turn daily chores into major headaches. At Bob Larson Plumbing in Tacoma, WA, we recognize the inconvenience of problematic garbage disposals and potential health hazards. Fortunately, our team of certified plumbers is here to help. We specialize in addressing common and complex issues, from garbage disposal leaking from the bottom to a unit that stinks or won’t turn on, ensuring your kitchen remains a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Whether you need urgent repairs or consider upgrading to the best garbage disposal available, our professional plumbing solutions cover every aspect of installation and repair. Using the latest tools and techniques, we can efficiently diagnose your disposal’s issue, recommend the best course of action, and execute the necessary repair or replacement with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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Three Decades Restoring Flow and Function to Your Kitchen

Premium Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation in Tacoma, WA

With three decades of experience under our belts, Bob Larson Plumbing has become a trusted name in fixing and installing garbage disposals in Tacoma, WA. Our deep understanding of local plumbing systems and our continuous training in the latest plumbing advancements allow us to offer unparalleled service. For every garbage disposal replacement or new installation, we bring the same commitment and excellence to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your garbage disposal is in good hands with us, where we treat every plumbing issue as our own.

Our ethos is built on trust, quality, and durability. This is why when you call upon our services for your garbage disposal needs, you’re not just getting a quick fix but a long-term solution designed to enhance the functionality and hygiene of your kitchen.

Garbage Disposal Repair

When your garbage disposal starts showing signs of trouble, such as failing to grind up waste properly, producing unusual noises, or emitting bad odors, it’s time to consider professional repair services. Bob Larson Plumbing specializes in diagnosing and repairing garbage disposal issues and restoring your unit to peak performance. Whether it’s a simple unclogging, fixing leaks, or replacing worn-out parts, our expert plumbers guarantee your disposal is running efficiently again.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

There comes a time when repairing your garbage disposal is no longer cost-effective, and replacement becomes the best option. Bob Larson Plumbing offers comprehensive garbage disposal replacement services, whether due to age, severe damage, or the desire for a more advanced model. We’ll guide you through selecting the best garbage disposal that fits your needs and budget, providing seamless removal of the old unit and precise installation of the new one.

Garbage Disposal Installation

From advising on the best garbage disposal for your household requirements to integrating it seamlessly with your plumbing system, our skilled technicians handle every aspect of the installation process. Let us enhance your kitchen’s convenience and efficiency with a properly installed garbage disposal, making kitchen cleanup a breeze and keeping your drains clear.

Cutting-Edge Services for Your Garbage Disposal Troubles

Common Reasons for Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement

While garbage disposals are handy in your kitchen, they can develop multiple issues over time. Most commonly, property owners approach us when their garbage disposal is not turning on, it’s producing annoying sounds, or it’s unable to grind food properly.

Chronic clogs, unpleasant odors, and leaks are other common signs that your garbage disposal needs attention. In such situations, getting a professional inspection is crucial to minimize damage, and where necessary, our team can install a new, durable garbage disposal to restore your kitchen’s efficiency.

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Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation FAQs

Unclogging a garbage disposal can often be straightforward but must be done cautiously. First, ensure the disposal and the electrical switch is turned off to prevent accidents. Then, gently probe the disposal with a wrench or a wooden spoon handle to dislodge any clogged material. A flashlight can help you see inside to decide if it’s something you can remove yourself. However, if you’re not confident or the clog persists, it’s time to call in the professionals. Bob Larson Plumbing’s emergency services in Tacoma, WA, include expert clog removal, ensuring your garbage disposal is cleared safely and efficiently.

Avoid disposing of hard or fibrous items to prevent clogs and maintain the life of your garbage disposal. This includes but is not limited to, bones, celery, corn husks, fruit pits, eggshells, coffee grounds, and potato peels, which can dull the blades or create binding. Also, avoid pouring fats, oils, or grease down the disposal as they can solidify and create blockages.

A garbage disposal can emit unpleasant odors due to trapped food particles that decay over time, leading to bacterial growth. Routine cleaning by grinding citrus peels, using dish soap, and flushing with cold water can help. However, persistent odors may need a deeper cleaning, which is a process Bob Larson Plumbing can assist with.

Transform Your Kitchen with Our Garbage Disposal Upgrades

Maintenance Plans to Keep Your Plumbing Running Smoothly

Bob Larson Plumbing doesn’t just stop at repair and replacement. Our plumbing maintenance plans are designed to keep your systems running without a hitch. Enroll in our program to enjoy:

  • Priority service
  • Annual home inspection
  • Emergency shut-off tags
  • Drain & flush water heater
  • Drain treatment
  • Extended warranties
  • Special pricing

Stay ahead of plumbing woes and keep your systems in top shape, starting with your garbage disposal.

Maintenance Plans

Get Your Kitchen Back on Track with Our Garbage Disposal Repairs

Revolutionize your kitchen chores with the help of Bob Larson Plumbing’s garbage disposal services. Whether it’s repair, replacement, or a brand-new installation, we have the expertise to make your kitchen more efficient and hygienic. Take the first step towards a hassle-free kitchen experience by reaching out to our team. Let’s transform your kitchen together—call Bob Larson Plumbing today!

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