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Federal Way, WA

Over Three Decades of Quality Plumbing Services in Federal Way

Plumbing issues like a clogged drain, rattling pipes, or a toilet making noise after flushing can cause more than a slight inconvenience—they can disrupt your day-to-day life. At Bob Larson Plumbing in Federal Way, WA, we understand the urgency and discomfort plumbing problems can create.

Our skilled plumbers in Federal Way are equipped to address common to complex plumbing emergencies quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine. Whether you’re grappling with frozen pipes, require urgent drain cleaning service, or need a sewer line repair, our team is on standby 24/7, ready to restore peace and functionality to your home.

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Providing Solutions for Common Plumbing Problems

Experience the Exceptional Service of Our Certified Plumbers

Emergency Plumbing Repair & Installation

When the unexpected strikes, our emergency plumbing repair and installation services provide swift, reliable solutions around the clock. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a leaking faucet, or an urgent installation to prevent water damage, our team arrives fully equipped to address the issue. Precision, speed, and comprehensive care define our approach, guaranteeing your safety even in the most critical plumbing emergencies.

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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

A well-maintained plumbing system is essential for the smooth operation of any business. Our commercial plumbing maintenance service is designed to give business owners peace of mind with thorough inspections and routine care that keep plumbing systems running smoothly. By closely monitoring pipes, fixtures, and sewage systems, our professional team fixes problems quickly.

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Water Heater Repair & Installation

The importance of a reliable hot water supply cannot be overstated, whether for comfort or daily operations. From addressing minor issues to replacing an outdated unit with a more efficient model, our knowledgeable technicians provide expert advice and craftsmanship. We handle every step of the process, guaranteeing your water heater is in top condition or installed perfectly to meet your needs.

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Hydro Jetting

This eco-friendly method uses high-pressure water to effectively clear clogs and debris from your pipes without harmful chemicals. It’s the perfect solution for thoroughly cleaning your drainage system, offering long-term prevention against blockages. Ideal for both acute issues and preventive maintenance, hydro jetting leaves pipes clear and functional.

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Water Filtration Systems

Access to clean, safe water isn’t just a convenience—it’s essential. We assess your needs to recommend and install the most effective filtration technology, ensuring your water is clean and refreshing to drink. Trust us to bring unparalleled purity to your tap, protecting your well-being and improving your daily water consumption experience.

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Sump Pump Repair & Installs

A well-functioning sump pump controls water ingress and maintains a dry basement. Whether your system requires urgent repair or you want to install a new, more effective sump pump, our experienced team is equipped to provide the solutions you need. Get reliable water management to protect your home from the challenges of flooding and water damage, keeping your foundation dry and secure.

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Trusted Plumbing Service Day or Night
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Your search for an affordable plumber in Federal Way ends with Bob Larson Plumbing. You can count on us 24/7 for all your emergency plumbing needs. Put our decades of experience and commitment to excellent customer service to work for you today! Jumpstart your journey towards a worry-free plumbing system by calling us now!

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Quality Plumbing Solutions in Federal Way

Unbeatable Plumbing Maintenance Plans For Your Property

Our experience has taught us that regular maintenance can help you avoid unexpected plumbing emergencies. Embrace our tailored plumbing maintenance plans and enjoy knowing your home plumbing system is in the most capable hands. Our plans include:

  • Priority service
  • Annual home inspection
  • Emergency shut-off tags
  • Drain & flush water heater service
  • Drain treatment
  • Extended warranties
  • Specialty pricing

Keeping your home’s plumbing in optimal condition doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With our maintenance plan, we offer cheap plumbing services without compromising on quality.

Maintenance Plans

Schedule Service With Our Plumbers Today

Our team of repipe specialists and sewer line repair experts have provided endless drain cleaning service and pipe repair service solutions to countless households and businesses. From never-ending drain clogging to persistently noisy water pipes, we can safeguard your property with our reliable plumbing services.

Our extensive experience enables us to deliver cost-effective solutions, positioning us as an affordable plumber among Federal Way plumbing companies. We believe quality shouldn’t be a luxury, so we offer free estimates for our services, including sewers, toilets, faucets, and more.

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