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What is Hydro Jetting?

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Recurring drain problems and clogs in your home is more than just an inconvenience, it’s one of the most frustrating issues you can deal with as a homeowner. Your plumbing system plays an important role in your home, and if you’re dealing with consistent clogs in your drains that regular drain cleaning and at-home solutions won’t solve, it’s time to start thinking about hydro jetting as a potential option.

As a homeowner, you’ll eventually run into stubborn clogs that won’t seem to go away no matter what you do. This is why we offer hydro jetting services at Bob Larson Plumbing LLC. If you’ve been dealing with some tough drain problems recently, keep reading this blog to learn about the benefits of hydro jetting and how it can help you!

What is Hydro Jetting?

To put it simply, hydro jetting is one of the safest and most effective forms of drain cleaning that can get rid of the most stubborn clogs by using a high-pressure stream of water that goes into your pipeline. During the process, dirt and grime from years ago will be removed from your pipes, essentially making them like new again. The high pressure of the water will remove all of the debris in your pipes that may have been causing the clogs. When the process is complete, your pipes will be as good as new.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

No Harsh Chemicals

If you’ve ever used store-bought chemical drain cleaners, now is the time to stop. They consist of very harsh chemicals that can cause more damage to your pipes than good. With hydro jetting, the only ingredient used is water. There are no chemicals or other toxins added to the water, meaning your plumbing system is not at risk of becoming more damaged. This makes hydro jetting more environmentally friendly as well.


Unlike chemical drain cleaners and plungers which only offer a temporary fix, hydro jetting is an effective, lasting solution for drain clogs. Over time, the amount of dirt, residue, and other debris that build up in your pipes might seem impossible to remove, but hydro jetting is the way to remove it, dislodging clogs in your plumbing system that at-home methods can’t reach. Hydro jetting will also get rid of those yucky odors you’ve been smelling that are coming from your drains.


Instead of consistently buying chemical drain cleaners from the store and making frequent drain cleaning appointments, hydro jetting is one of the more affordable options for pipe cleaning. Since it prevents future clogs from happening, you’ll be saving money in the long run by getting the job done right the first time, rather than continuously paying for a temporary fix. With hydro jetting, you’re also avoiding cutting walls or digging underground, which can require costly repairs.

More Flexibility

Like we just mentioned, hydro jetting doesn’t require cutting through walls or digging underground because the process allows plumbers to access any area of your plumbing system without causing any damage. A hard-to-reach plumbing system is often found in older homes, but when you choose Bob Larson Plumbing LLC’s hydro jetting services, the high pressure water is safe and will effectively reach those tough areas without causing any harm.

Hydro Jetting in Tacoma

If you’ve tried just about everything under the sun to get rid of those stubborn drain clogs, it’s time to call our team at (253) 780-0844 to schedule a hydro jetting appointment. Our hydro jetting services will remove grease, hair, food products, and so much more from your pipes, allowing them to work like new again. So, stop buying those chemical drain cleaners from the store and schedule a hydro jetting appointment with us today!


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